You are Zer0 0ne, an emerging hacker setting out to make your mark on the world.  But why do you hack?  Declare your motivation to determine your objectives then get to it. 

Hack computers.  Earn cash.  Buy upgrades.

Win at life.

Development log


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This is a great little game. The difficulty escalates nicely. The anti-virus software spike though can break the game if the RNG is in the players favor though. I had some of the more difficult levels where most of my hacks came from just spiking blue computers on the larger networks.  Still an awesome little game with some great music.


Thanks so much for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I do agree with you about the anti-virus spike being a bit OP depending on how many connections exist, but I also liked that it added for so many permutations of levels where some versions of them are easier/harder based on the rng of it as you said.

Thanks again for playing and for the review!

This game is awesome ! it is so challenging and i am now addicted !